Jan 12

refrigerators can burn out circuit breakers

My husband informed me this morning when he got up that our refrigerator died. That really sucks. When I get up later, I go to the fridge and am happy the contents are still cold. It only very recently died and since we don't use heat in the home, there is not a lot of exterior heat to try to convince the fridge to get warm. Our place is pretty much the same temp as it is outside which is about 60 deg lately.

I go to warm breakfast in the toaster oven. Um, the toaster oven is also dead. Something is going on here and it seems to be beyond the scope of the fridge. I call our electrician, Louis. If you know me personally and live near us, call me and I'll tell you who I use. He is amazing.

Louis suggests I plug-in the fridge to another outlet to see if perhaps the outlet is bad. I put the fridge on a power strip and plug it into another outlet. The fridge kicks back on. What a relief! Feeling ambitious, I plug-in the toaster and turn it on to warm breakfast. (remember what this blog site is about, yes?) Not only does the fridge die again by shutting off the breaker to that outlet, but it fries the power strip.

So I get out the orange style of extension cords, the kind for heavy-duty equipment, and plug-in to yet another outlet. This one is across the kitchen. Since only one thing can plug into it, I only plug in the refrigerator this time. Nothing sizzles. That breaker does not blow.

I call Louis again and give him the update. He says he can come out this afternoon and indeed he does. After some more experimentation, he determines that we fried the circuit breaker. Given that our home is 20 - 30 years old, I suppose that is to be expected.Louis replaces the circuit breaker and plugs the fridge back in. He warns me that it is highly likely the fridge will not make it through the night. We are hoping that it does so that we can buy a new refrigerator tomorrow.

I think our 13+ year old fridge has met its demise. I only know it is at least 13 years old because that is how long I've used it. I've lived here for 13 years.

The toaster oven is still not plugged in anywhere. I also ate cold pizza tonight because I'm afraid to use any electric in the kitchen. We don't need any more breakers to blow.