Jan 12

You need to be able to drive to sell Avon

OK, so I have not worn make-up for like the last 15 years, but I remember my childhood Avon experiences and they were great. Avon has been marketing that they are hiring quite a bit the last couple weeks. Since I feel like I've lost my career, I am continuously searching the job postings to see if there is one I might fit into. Selling Avon from home seemed possible. Unfortunately I live someplace where there is no solicitation allowed, but I thought I might find a creative way of "accidentally" leaving brochures around. Or perhaps I could use this blog or my other websites to promote my "business". I thought I'd be a go between for people who wanted to try Avon products.

I think the work from home part is that I was oblivious to. It means you have an office at home that includes a place to handle inventory because I am the person who leaves my home to deliver what others have bought. Well, if I could be the sales person for the three condo complexes where I live, that would be great! I don't know how to break into a no-soliciting environment, though. Sure if we were social here and knew each other it would be easy. Then again, I was on the Board of Directors for 9 years and there are still people who have lived here longer than I have who I have never met. I tried to set up a disaster prep program here- alas, another post I'll have to do when I am in a ranting stage.

So for those of you who want to sell Avon, you should definitely check it out. I anticipate that the pay would be excellent. Keep in mind, though, that they don't use postal services to deliver the merchandise. The salesperson delivers the goods in person. You don't have to be able-bodied- if you can get from your home to their location you're fine. The getting to another location is my barrier. If I could deliver via public transit, I'd be good. If you are reading my blog wondering if you should hire me because I can't always know when I'll be able to drive, if I can get to you on public transit then I can get to you. The rules of where I live don't stop me from getting to prospective employers, they just inhibit me from approaching my neighbors to ask them if they want to buy some really nifty body products from me.