Jan 12


I wish I was oblivious to the jackhammering they are doing at the moment right outside of my unit. I live on a street that is currently being reconstructed to handle bike riders and traffic.  A couple of weeks ago they put in beautifully handicap ramps at all the corners. I used them just two days ago to walk up to the local Trader Joe's. I do not know why they are now redoing them. I bet some able-bodied person complained they are too easy for those of us with disabilities to use. We'll be able to actually leave our homes and mingle with those whose bodies work the way nature intended. Yeah, I bet it is a conspiracy against those of us who benefit from ramps and low inclines. They saw that I was finally able to get out of the house and could get to the local strip mall. I probably made them wait at the corners when I properly used the crosswalks. They could not make their left or right turn into the crosswalk because I was there. So if they block me from being able to get to the crosswalk, I suppose I'll just stay at home and watch life from the window. Hmm...watching jack hammering.  I'd rather watch it than hear it. My at home job starts in less than a couple of hours and requires me to hear my students. Well, if I could relocate to avoid the jackhammering, I would, but that would require a couple of things... a good Internet connection, which I don't have because I bought a mifi with Virgin and they revoked my access earlier than I expected them to- that rant will have to be saved for another time. Even if my mifi was working, it would not be strong enough to handle the bandwidth required for my job. To relocate I'd also have to be able to get someplace else. I'm not driving today because I need to have more herbs and sleep to be up for a drive. I'm driving tomorrow and Thursday so I'm going to reserve my driving karma for then. I could walk someplace else, but wait! No I can't!  duh.... they're chopping up the handicap accessible ramps at the corners so I'd have to walk in the street like the people with baby strollers are doing at the moment. OH! Maybe the able-bodied are not anti-disability at all, they are anti-baby stroller. Yes, that must be it. They don't want the caretakers of tiny humans to be let out because they don't want to deal with all that comes along with those small beings like crying, screaming, slow walking, or stinky odors, not to mention the all too cute cooing, smiles, babbling, and nifty toys and pretty clothes.