Aug 12

You can have an Android device without having to have a phone number attached

Ok, I am in a Masters of Educational Technology program which to me means I should have a clue about the latest and greatest in technology gadgets, websites, or anything technology related that can be used for education. Nope, I was wrong. Now for the last two years I've been taking classes online. I've taken over twenty classes from at least five different colleges, universities, or companies. I'd like to think I'm pretty well versed in the online learning community. I'm certainly trying to get hired as a virtual high school chemistry teacher, so we'll have to see if I can convince others that I am a competent online teacher.

What does this have to do with Android mobile devices? I attended the 3DTeacherCamp this summer and loved every minute of it. I learned more about QR codes than you could ever imagine. I'll have to post some of my QR impressions in another post. I also learned how to make Android apps- OH! I can upload my QR codes for the apps I made. How cool will that be?!? Anyway, I did not own an Android device when we started summer camp. After making a few apps, I wanted a device so I could really try them out. The emulator on the screen is nice, but it won't vibrate. I suppose that is a good thing. Having my laptop vibrate is not exactly something I want it to do on command. My professor was really kind and did not laugh in my face when I asked him about Android devices. You see, I thought I was going to have to get yet another cell phone phone number and line just so I could use an Android device.

I learned, thanks to my kind professor, I can buy an Android device as a stand-alone object that will connect to the Internet via wifi. How cool is that? Of course it cost more than I would like to have paid, but I can now play my apps on it and some really cool games. Since it is not an iOS device, though, I am worried about viruses and other evil things that can attack my electronic stuff. So far thing are fine because I have not downloaded that much stuff. For now it is a toy I use to pass the time, and to marvel in what my fellow students and I created this summer. So if you do not want to pay the price of the iOS line of devices and you still want to play with apps, you don't have to put out more than $150 for a new app playing device.  We'll see if the prices change now that Apple won the battle over rectangles with rounded corners, but for now things are good.

Want to see the highly complex apps I made?  (joke- these are about as simple as you can get!)

 If you have an Android device, you can click on the QR code with a QR code reader and it will take you to the url location so you can download the app.

QR image for the Whack a Mole app

This app is hysterical- you have to tap on the mole before it jumps again. Having slow reflexes like mine makes this just a ball of laughter.

qr code image for Hello Purr app

This is the simplest way to make an app. It is the classic Hello World program, but in the world of apps, it is Hello Purr.

This gallery includes apps I made that were not merely step by step following the MIT curriculum. These were created in part due to the generosity others have with putting their code and block images online for newbies like me to use.

 Apparently Word Press (I think that is the software I'm using) lets me create a gallery. So some of the images are here twice. I did not want to erase the singletons that I managed to post before the gallery popped up as an option. Ah, learning curves. This is a prime example of me being oblivious to what others may see as obvious. Of course WordPress has a gallery option. I should have naturally gone there first to put the images here.

Aug 12

End of summer 2012

It has been a long time since I've written anything here, but I have not forgotten about my blog. In fact, I was reminded usually at least once a day that I had a blog to monitor thanks to all of those entrepreneurial folks out there. I did not, and still don't, want this to turn into a cesspool of random plugs for you to be taken advantage of by clever people who want to use my good name and reputation to make you think I may be endorsing their products. I now have a reCaptcha and hopefully that will cut down on the amount of supposedly interested people's posts I need to delete.

Now that I have overcome the spam barrier which turned me off to going to my own blogsite, perhaps I can get back to writing about things that I notice I'm either oblivious to or other people are oblivious to while others think it is obvious. I may have to search some of the emails I've sent to friends elaborating on something I did or saw that should have also come here and become a post.

Enjoy reading!