Feb 12

Slow on the Uptake

The companion website to this one would be SlowontheUptake.something. I do not feel like having more websites happening than I need to take care of easily, so I'll stick with this blog for now. I am building websites in my classes and I'm taking a class on how to administer Moodle classes, so for online things, I have plenty to keep me busy. I may have to turn this post into a page. It depends on how often I smack myself up the head for not only being oblivious, but being really slow to realize how oblivious I am. I think I should just stop interacting in my classroom discussions because people must think I'm a complete idiot. I'm not, but for some reason the assignments I've been given in many of my current online courses are so confusing that I don't realize I should be confused. One is due in about 55 minutes and I am still wondering if I did it correctly or if I flubbed it up for others. When I have a clue I am incredibly competent. I should not mention it here, but it is no wonder I am unemployed.

Then again, my Florida credential just arrived today- the one that will let me teach chemistry in Florida. That was a journey I'll have to write about at some point. Let's just say I had the biology credential about a year ago and even though I submitted the paperwork for the chemistry credential over a year ago, they only granted me the bio credential. I resubmitted the same chemistry paperwork about a month ago. For whatever reason, they now see that I am competent to teach chemistry. I should hope so-I did it for 8 years and am trying to find ways of incorporating teaching chemistry into my EDTECH assignments. Speaking of which, I should stop procrastinating by whining on this website and focus on my next EDTECH project.

One last thing I don't understand why did they pre-date my credential to starting in 2010? It is a 5 year credential and will expire in 2015 even though I only received the document today. I used my National Board status to help get the chemistry credential and my credential is actually dated for a date before I knew I passed the National Boards. How magical is that?

Feb 12

National Science Standards

There are new National Science Standards.