Jan 12

Hoodwinked by Domain.com

I have about a half a dozen domain names up for renewal so I went hunting for an affordable place to let them sit until I turn them into websites, blogs, or other online entity. I did not realize I had to remove private registration before initiating a transfer so I get the authorization code, and of course unlocked the domains, and gave the info to Domain.com along with the appropriate money to register the domain for several years. Since the registrations were still "private" they did not go through at first. Well, I released them from being private, but domain.com needs to re-initiate the transfer. I tried to email domain.com to tell them this, but you can't email them directly from their website. They only give a non-toll-free phone number that apparently is not accessed on weekends. Since it is Saturday, I will have to wait a couple more days to see if my domains magically transfer before they expire at my other hosting company. I'll come back to let you know how this transpires. Perhaps the power of the web will help me with this transaction.

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